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Claire Heichette

Phone +33 (0)2 23 23 68 41

2012: UMR 6290 Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes, University of Rennes 1, France

  • Research technician, University of Rennes 1.
  • Team "Tubulin and Interacting Proteins".

1999-2011: UMR 6026 Cell and Molecular Interactions, Rennes 1 University, France

  • Since 2007: Team "Tubulin and Interacting Proteins".
    • 2007: Research technician in electron microscopy.
  • 2004-2007: Team "Structure and Dynamics of Macromolecules".
  • 1999-2003: Teams "Structure and Dynamics of the Cytoskeleton" and "Channels and Membrane Receptors".
    • 1999: Research technician in Biology.

1995-1999: Nantes University, France

  • Technician in Biology, Nantes University.
  • 1997: Technician Diploma in Biochemistry (BTS), Professional and Technological High School Talensac, Nantes.


  • 2006: Introduction to transmission electron microscopy for biologists, chemists, and physicists (Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris).
  • 2005: Cellular tomography (Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris).
  • 2004: Transmission electron microscopy (Angers University).
  • 2003: Confocal microscopy (Rennes 1 University).
  • 2002: Molecular biology (Poitiers University).
  • 1999: Introduction to genetics engineering (Rennes 1 University).


  • Trehalose prevents aggregation of exosomes and cryodamage
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    Scientific Reports
    - SharedIt

  • EB1 interacts with outwardly curved and straight regions of the microtubule lattice
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    Pubmed - Springer Nature Sharing

  • Cryo-electron tomography of microtubules assembled in vitro from purified components
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  • The 90-kDa heat shock protein HSP90 protects tubulin against thermal denaturation
    Weis, F., Moullintraffort, L., Heichette, C., Chrétien, D., and C. Garnier
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  • Mercury (Drosophila Tubulin Binding Cofactor B) controls cell polarity through the stabilisation of the microtubule network
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  • Second harmonic microscopy of axonemes
    Odin, C., Heichette, C., Chrétien,D., and Y. Le Grand
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    Pubmed PDF (1.2 MB)

  • EB1 regulates microtubule dynamics and tubulin sheet closure in vitro
    Vitre, B., Coquelle, F. M., Heichette, C., Garnier, C., Chrétien, D. and I. Arnal
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  • CLIP-170/tubulin-curved oligomers coassemble at microtubule ends and promote rescues
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  • Mosquito Aedes aegypti  aquaporin present in tracheolar cells, transports water, not glycerol, and forms orthogonal arrays in Xenopus oocyte membranes
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