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! PhD Thesis 2017 !

Temporary positions


A fellowship is required to perform a PhD.

  • Fellowships from the Ministry for Teaching and Research (MESR)
    Since 2017, only a limited number of subjects are proposed by the doctoral school. About 3 candidates are chosen for a specific subject, knowing that there are more profiles than PhD financements available (e.g. 17 profiles for 13 grants).
  • Fellowships from associations or the Britany region
    Research teams ask a fellowship to these organisms. Nevertheless, the candidates pre-selected by the laboratories (if any) must pass the examination of the doctoral school to be accepted.
In any case, with us sufficiently in advance so that we can prepare the examination.
some links:
  • French Ministry for Teaching and Research (MESR).
  • PhD Guild (GDD).
  • Bernard Gregory Association (ABG).
  • Rennes doctoral school "Vie Agro santé" (VAS).


  • We welcome postdoctoral fellows in our team. We have sometimes fellowships available, but interested candidates can freely apply to various organisms such as the European Molecular Biology Organisation. Please at least one year in advance if you are interested.

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Research technician

  • These positions are administrated at the level of our Joint Research Unit. We may sometime propose a temporary job for a particular project (this will be announced on this page).

Permanent position

Our team is affiliated to a Joint Research Unit (UMR) between the CNRS and Rennes 1 University. This means that people from these two organisms can work in our team.

CNRS scientist

  • Recruitment to the CNRS involves a national examination. In most cases, CNRS positions are not given to laboratories, and candidates must present their own research project and chose a laboratory. If you have a thematics close to ours and are interested to join us, don't hesitate to .


  • Leturers must split their work between teaching (about 192 hours/year for a "Maître de Conférences") and research. Thus, they are linked to a Research Formation Unit (UFR) for the teaching part, and to a Joint Research Unit (UMR) for the research part.
  • The recruitment to Rennes 1 University is through a local examination. Positions are very rare, and those available (e.g. after a retirement) usually belong to an (old) team. Thus, it is very difficult for a new group to recruit a teacher-researcher. In addition, by contrast with the CNRS, the laboratories impose their own subject to the candidates... we hope that this situation will change in a near future !

Some links:

  • National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).
  • Rennes 1 University (UR1).